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laptop love

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post ze strony maxigasa, autorem jest maxigas, kopiuje go dla łatwiejszego i wygodniejszego przywołania.


When i go to bed at night, i use it as a torchlight. In the morning, the alarm clock widget wakes me up. i never turn it off — it merely sleeps as i do. When my nerves brake down, the system crashes simultaneously. i hate when other people touch it, especially those i don’t know or like. i’d rather shake hands or hug with someone then give them my machine. External memory it is. Freud writes about the inital stage of the child when it’s still feeding from the mother’s breast. At this point — so he sais –, there is no awareness of subject and object, but the child cannot make a difference between the world and itself. Practically speaking, the breast is still part of the child. Later — as Lacan discovered –, during the mirror-experiences we learn about the subject/object distinction. Now, when you get your first laptop all those precious previous experiences are worth nothing. My laptop is my organ just as my hands are. Or probably more, if i think about that the main function of my hands is merely to serve as part of the input interface to my laptop. Most of the time my hands are just part of the technology that connects me with my laptop, much like my neck is only there to interface my head and torso.


Written by harce

30 Listopad, 2007 @ 01:03

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